Introduction to Kinvey Studio

Kinvey Studio is a desktop GUI tool for rapid development of mobile and web apps with NativeScript and Angular. By using industry-leading UI components and frameworks, it helps you to quickly develop functional native apps for Android and iOS that address a variety of enterprise use cases. At the same time, it comes with substantial extension capabilities that allow you to address even the most complex use cases with custom application and business logic.

Kinvey Studio creates apps and data collections in the Kinvey backend. It stores metadata and generated source files and application packages on the local developer machine. It's up to you to commit them to a version control system of your choosing.

Choose a guide to continue learning about Kinvey Studio:

  • Getting Started

    Covers download and installation instructions and guides you through the creation of a very simple app to let you familiarize with the basic Kinvey Studio concepts.

  • Apps

    Explains the concept of app in Kinvey Studio and how it relates to the Kinvey backend, and covers app management.

  • Modules

    Explains the concept of module and how to use modules to combine views in logical order.

  • Views

    Discusses views as the main building block of a web or mobile app, complete with management instructions.

  • Data Services

    Explains the use and management of backend collections to source data for your views.

  • Authentication

    Discusses the built-in authentication mechanisms that you can integrate into your app using the built-in login view.

  • App Navigation

    Covers the GUI tools for setting up the app navigation.

  • Build and Publish

    Covers development tasks like building apps, running them locally, and publishing them to application stores or web servers.

  • App Appearance

    Discusses theme management and different options for extended app styling.

  • Extension Points

    Explains ways to build on top of code that Kinvey Studio generates for you, to address advanced scenarios, complete with code samples.

Compatibility Information

Supported Operating Systems for Development

Kinvey Studio runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. For system requirements, go to the Kinvey Studio download page.

Supported Operating Systems for Generated Applications

Kinvey Studio generates apps that run on Android and iOS. The mobile operating system versions targeted by Kinvey Studio follow the versions supported by the bundled version of NativeScript.

Supported Web Browsers for Generated Applications

Web applications developed using Kinvey Studio target these web browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox—latest version
  • Google Chrome—latest version
  • Apple Safari—latest version
  • Microsoft Edge—latest version